Interview with John Simm on The Devil’s Whore

John Simm as Edward Sexby in The Devils Whore (2008)

John Simm as Edward Sexby in The Devil's Whore (2008)

This is the interview I did with John Simm (extremely nice guy, very down-to-earth) for my MA project on period dramas, not techinically cinema I know but thought I’d include it as I know there are many John Simm fans out there, me for one. And I still really have to see Human Traffic!

 What drew you to the role of Sexby?  

Marc Munden wanted me to play John Lilburne so I read the script and I just totally fell for the part of Sexby, and once I had it on my head I couldn’t possibly play the part of anybody-else, so I told him that. And I had to audtion for it which I hadn’t really done for a while but I went in and fought for it.

And what particularly about the role of Sexby attracted you?

 It’s just a hell of a role, it’s one of the best parts for an actor I’ve ever read I think.  He’s soulless, godless, he’s a mercenary, he’s got a metal hand, he’s a brilliant swordsman and horseman.  He discovers love, he discovers honour and he gets his head turned by so many different factions. It was such a rich, rich multilayered part. And as an actor I’m drawn to darker roles and he’s a swashbuckling anti-hero. And when your kid as an actor those are the parts you dream about playing.  That was my Clint Eastwood man with no name. It was  beautifully written by Peter. It was one of those I just thought I’ve gotta play Sexby.

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