Jim Jarmusch’s new film: The Limits Of Control

I am very excited about the prospect of a new Jarmusch film even if I am a bit baffled as to what’s actually going on it, which is probably the point. Sounds and looks good though, Bernal solemnly reciting some very poetic dialogue about a reflection sometmes being more than what it’s actually reflecting. And I do like a good mystery thriller.

The basic plot anyway according to IMDB is that a mysterious man (Isaach De Bankole seen in previous Jarmusch films Coffee and Cigarettes and Ghost Dog), perhaps like a modern day ‘man with no name’ in the Leone films, wanders contemporary Spain to complete a job that may not be legal. The cast is also to die for alongside De Bankole are: Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Gael Garcia Bernal and Jarmusch regular and legend Bill Murray.

It must be said I wasn’t extremely impressed with Broken Flowers even though it had it’s funny moments, it was rather anti-climatic. Still Jarmusch even when not at his best continues to produce highly original and thought-provoking work which is all you an ask for in an age of sequels, endless money-making franchises and rehashes.



  1. When’s it out? When’s it out? When’s it out?

    • Well imdb says it out in Germany on the 28 May, but dosen’t list a UK date, maybe you could make a weekend of it?

  2. This movie looks like it will have everything I love about Jim Jarmusch without any of the things that I don’t love about Jim Jarmusch. I hope it comes to Canada one day.

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