Joaquin Phoenix: That Letterman Interview

For those few of you who didn’t get Ben Stiller’s impression I alluded to here’s the original interview:

As I mentioned before Phoenix does seem to be one sandwich short of a picnic lately, and this interview is testament to that. Poor guy could only seem to chew gum and mumble monosylibically and in lieu of illuminating and funny anecdotes would say: “I’m sure something fun happened.” Provoking Letterman to comment: “Well, I’m sorry Joaquin Phoenix couldn’t be here with us tonight.” Now either he was on drugs or he’s  just so filled with ennui that he doesn’t care how he comes across.

Either way it’s a shame, even if it does make for a good You Tube video and some great Letterman quips. Will he ever recover from this? And will he ever come to his senses, offer a Bale-like apology for his behaviour (though to be fair he didn’t actually deliberately offend anyone, oh apart from maybe all his fans and hip-hop aficionados) and take up acting again? And he even if he did decide to become an actor again would Hollywood ever take him seriously.

He’s a fine actor but everyone knows how ruthless Hollywood can be. I think the only thing he can do now is send himself up on something like Saturday Night Live and show that at least he’s got a sense of humour Otherwise the joke’s on him.



  1. Some people think it’s all part of a mockumentary Joaquin is making with Casey Affleck (who’s been following him aroudn with a camera a bit). But most people think he’s mad.

    • Yeah I’ve heard this, think the joke may be running thin for him though if it is the case.

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