It’s official Joaquin Phoenix has gone slightly mad

Hollywood Reporter announced today that Casey Affleck was directing a doc on Joaquin Phoenix’s burgeoning rap career.  Honestly you couldn’t have made this up. He will be produced by Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy. And with him on board I’m sure he will be rapping some rivet tales of the streets over first-class beats. Tales of the difficulties of having to choose which director to work for, which restaurant he should eat in tonight, you know hard-hitting stuff. I mean really who the hell’s gonna take him seriously. At least when Daniel Day-Lewis decided to become a shoe-cobbler there was less room for absolute public humiliation. I guess he just likes to walk the line.


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  1. […] I mentioned before Phoenix does seem to be one sandwich short of a picnic lately, and this interview is testament to that. Poor […]

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