Highlight of the BAFTA’s: Mickey Rourke

What a legend. His speech was one of the only entertaining moments of the evening. Bar Mick Jagger’s banter about a music/actor exchange program for which “Judi Dench is gamely trashing hotel rooms” and “The Pitt family are starring in ‘The Sound Of Music'”.

His speech was how speeches should be full of honest humility: “Thankyou Darren Aronofsky for giving me a second chance, after fucking up my career for 15 years”  and trademark lotharian cheekiness:  “I wanna thank Marisa Tomei for being so brave and taking off your clothes all the time. I enjoyed looking at you.”

Jonathan Ross’s script was apparently edited before and this shows apart from a few sneaky comments about Rourke now being barred for three months after swearing, it was rather tame and quite dull. Are the BBC trying to hard to reign in their star to the point where he can’t even use his trademark scathing humour anymore?

Now he has to resort to inoffensive gimmicks like getting the word ‘salad’ in. Oh well at least he could still ask Tom Cruise whether he farted in bed or not on Friday Night.

And what is it with the adulation that surrounds Slumdog, good film but did it really deserve all those awards?


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