Revisions on Bale: Are We Too Harsh On Him?

Bale hase been reported as eating a bit of humble pie  for his rant by David Thomson on the Variety website:

“I was out of order beyond belief,” he said. “I acted like a punk, I regret that. There is no one who has heard that tape that’s been hit harder by it than me… I’m not comfortable with this notion of being a movie star. I’m an actor… I put so much into what I do and care so much about it and sometimes the enthusiasm just goes awry. I’m embarrassed by it. I ask everybody to sit down and ask themselves, have they ever had a bad day and have they ever lost their temper and really regretted it immensely…I’ve seen a rough cut of the movie and it looks fantastic and Shane did a wonderful job. Please don’t allow this incredibly embarrassing meltdown to overshadow this movie.”

Meanwhile Harry Knowles at ‘Aint it Cool News’ has reacted to the media furore over the rant by putting into perspective for us:

The DP on TERMINATOR SALVATION, Shane Hurlbut, is a apparently a light tweaker. He’s a fairly young DP and likes to fiddle with his lights on set during action, which is a big “NO NO” on most productions unless worked out in advance with performers. But apparently Shane was a pretty unrepentant light tweaker.

The scene in question, was a very emotional and tough scene between Christian Bale and Bryce Howard. A scene that required soul bearing and a deep level of immersive concentration. The sort of scene where everyone on set knows not to get in anyone’s eye lines, and definitely not to move lights around while FILMING. You lock that shit down before the scene starts.

Bale had indeed warned the DP on multiple occasions about messing with lights while the cameras were rolling, and Bale was in the midst of a painful scene with Bryce, what was described to me as being the emotional center of the film and his character for the film.

Taken all together it is more understandable why Bale would have such a reaction and he does aquire more sympathy. Even if he may have been strongly coerced into the apology by Hollywood execs  with vested interest in the star and outcome of the film Terminator:Salvation. It must be admitted the media does relish seeing stars at the height of their fame being brought down a peg or two, reporting rapaciously on Winehouse’sand Lohan’s many misdemeanours. It was a terible thing for Bale to have done and it shows that people will have to be much more wary of working with him in the future, but the fact that he admits he was wrong at least shows that he doesn’t want to be seen as a precious ‘movie star’. And there’s certainly rants that I’ve immediately regretted done in the passion of the moment when emotions and not rationality had taken hold. We are after all only human.


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