Rom Coms: Are we expecting too much of our men?

Certainly I’ve got carried away by the notion of a Mr. Darcy in my life, a post-modern Bridget Jones Mr. Darcy mind. But we all know this fantasy can never really be no matter how many rom coms we watch (I  don’t watch too many I must admit). And if we did think like that there’d be a hell of a lot more single people that’s for sure (you could actually go out on Valentines day, not that I’m a resentful person of course) . In fact the population may even cease to grow.

Therefore I really agreed with Jojo Moyes ‘ funny and insightful article in The Daily Telegraph the other day, a response to findings reported by a male researcher, Dr. Bjarne Holmes, (important fact as Moyes points out) that rom com movies were leaving women with unrealistic expectations and a lack of communication skills. Not caused by any changes in other technologies of course.

  But  why particualry now was this study conducted anyway surely there has always been romantic and entirely unrealistic literature? Maybe we just like to study things much too much now. You could even say that studies are providing an unrealistic sense of there being a simple solution to everything.


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